Kitchen Illustration decal for van | Rob Art

20.7 Γενική Εικονογράφησης

Kitchen Illustration decal for van / Έπαινος

Rob Art – Ελλάδα / Thessaloniki

Brief: The concept that was presented to me by the client was to design an illustrative piece that could be placed on the side of a given vehicle, to be used for mobile catering, that made it look like there was a kitchen inside the van dimensions. So, to give the optical illusion that, when standing directly in front of the van at the centre point, the illustration would seem to have been an actual room that was inside the vehicle. To further the brief’s requirements the client requested that the kitchen was to be a parody of the well-known Gusteau’s kitchen from the film “Ratatouille”. The only other requirement the client had, was that the five main employees were a focus in the design, and that the kitchen looked busy.