Trasys, everything is code | Caparo design crew

11.6 Γραφικά Χώρου / Σήμανση

Trasys, everything is code / ΕΒΓΕ

Caparo design crew – Ελλάδα / Χαλάνδρι

Creative concept associate: Paris Mexis, Production & printing: Boks, Photographer: Konstantinos Gikas

The client — Trasys International, a member of the NRB Group, is an ICT company focusing on international public organizations and corporations. Trasys International offers IT solutions, services and consulting to help achieve compliance with international policies and regulations, and tackle challenges presented by the imperatives of digital transformation. The cornerstone of their products and services is the many different back-end types of code they use to provide IT solutions and create miscellaneous digital products. The creative concept — We created the overall visual identity for the company, both in digital and print applications, based on this very concept: Everything is code. We worked closely with creative director Paris Mexis, who envisioned a concept for an entirely visual world, where code lines would be a fundamental structural element. Starting from this idea, we designed a tailor-made illustration style and created a series of fictional characters that reflected the energy and the culture of the company. Each illustration consisted of small pieces of code lines that had humorous or lyrical messages, or just a random code. The design style was inspired by the computer screen pixels, since it is the main tool of the client. Simple and straightforward, yet with a creative twist, it aimed to express the forward thinking direction of the company. The vivid color palette and the bold design elements gave us the ability to expand and scale the identity in various applications. We designed all the internal signs for the Greek offices, as well as additional environmental graphics. A favorite part were the designs used in the chill-out rooms, where staff can play with the little puzzle-magnets while talking on the phone or taking a break. The huge eyes of these illustrated characters are actually magnetic boards.