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Art Athina / ΕΒΓΕ

G Design Studio – ΕΛΛΑΔΑ / ΑΘΗΝΑ

Creative Directors: Michalis Georgiou, Dimitris Stefanidis, Art Director: Έφη Κουκιά , Designer: Θανάσης Κακιός , Illustrator: Tania Cimatti, Photographer: Άννα Τσιάμη

For the third year in a row we were commissioned to design the visual identity for Art Athina, the biggest Contemporary Art Fair of Athens. Art Athina is one of Europe’s oldest art fairs, happening every summer in Athens, a city emerging from financial ruin to forge a new identity based on its oldest commodity: culture. Focusing on depicting the special beauty of the city, we drew inspiration from the Greek vintage tourism posters of 60s and their timeless qualities to remain so current. A celebration of rich colours, striking Athenian references and clean type travel us back in time through a modern intake, while building a fresh look for a special fair of that nature.