Odysseus, the other world | Typical Οrganization

10.2 Βιβλίο

Odysseus, the other world / ΕΒΓΕ

Typical Οrganization – Ελλάδα / Αθήνα

Michaël Duperrin goes to the supposed places of Ulysses’ wanderings. The photographer travels through multiple layers, between here and elsewhere, now and yesterday, reality and fiction, in search of echoes between mythical past and present reality. Thinking of this odyssey wandering between image and text we constructed a wave system of jump-cuts imitating the voice of the sea. The textual and visual content releases the waves that order the layout and the pulse of the book. Like the use of the cyanotype technique, one of the first sensible photographic printing processes, we belive the book could function as a blue print of the body of the sea, presenting and devouring countless words and images of its passengers. The mean book combines french texts with photographs and english translation is presented in a separated appendix using a light blue paper.