Sani Festival | G Design Studio

12.4 Πρόγραμμα Πολιτιστικού Γεγονότος

Sani Festival / Έπαινος

G Design Studio – ΕΛΛΑΔΑ / ΑΘΗΝΑ

Creative Directors: Mιχάλης Γεωργίου, Δημήτρης Στεφανίδης, Αrt Director: Έφη Κουκιά, Designer: Θανάσης Κακιός

The power of music which brings people together, despite their origin and background, is celebrated by Sani Festival, which takes place in such a special place. What makes Sani Festival unique is it s intentions as well as the actual place where the sky, the sea and the landscape, all become one to form this exclusive experience. Sani ’s Festival purity comes from the essential element s that form it – the music and the place – proving no need of any additional visual layers for the identity. Being respectful to Sani’s brand identity and core values, the Festival’s identity is based on the idea of essentialism yet elegance while building further on its unique DNA and long-lasting cultural value. The identity is based on the development of a dynamic and flexible visual system that provides enough space for variety through the next years, while keeping a consistent character. Typography is the key, expressing the uplifting character of music in its purest form. Special type treatment combined with the Midnight Blue, are the dynamic components which communicate visually the unique feeling of Sani Festival.